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Not Your Typical Income Report: The Truth About How Much $ EPIK Teachers Make

Kierra Ivy

Let’s be honest, you’re here because you are NOSEY! hahaha No shade my friend, no shade. Everyone wants to know how much money EPIK teachers make these days. Sure there are pay scales available on the EPIK websites, but that still doesn’t give you a clear representation of how much a person can make teaching English here through the government program.

Blogger Income Report

Income reports. It’s totally a “thing” now, and I can go so far as to say that once you start publishing income reports as a blogger, it’s like a declaration to everyone that you’ve made it in the world of blogging. However, I hate to dissappoint you, but at this point in time, my blog is broke boo! We’re just getting started, but just because my blog is broke doesn’t mean ya’ girl is not making money! So, the income report for the Passionate Gypsies Lifestyle & Travel Blog is…..wait for it….wait for it….(-)$1824.00…You see that negative? Don’t miss that negative. Don’t feel bad for me though. This is not your typical blogger income report!

EPIK Income Report

As previously stated, we are going to discuss my EPIK income report, and the overall breakdown of their teaching contracts, as well as, the extra earning potential. I assure you this income report is much better than my blogger one. You ready?

I’ve learned there are two types of people in this world: those that will ask you how much you make with literally no shame whatsoever, and those that really want to know, but will beat around the bush about asking you. We’ve been taught all our lives that it’s rude to ask people who they voted for and how much money they make, yet, we still ask anyway! Millennials, I tell ya! We nosey as hell, but it’s cool. Allow me to satisfy your curiosity.

Contrary to popular belief, not all EPIK teachers make the same amount of money. There are many factors that come into play.

This is the EPIK payscale:

I am at Level 2 [Other Provinces], making a base pay of 2.2 million won. Let’s say that’s equal to $2,200 USD.

There are EPIK teachers who work in major cities and then there are those who work in the rural areas of the country. Those of us (like me) who choose to work in the rural villages are paid an extra 100k won. (Think $100USD) for said rural placement. There are obviously pros and cons to this. You can check out why I chose to teach in a rural area of SK here. Then you have those teachers who only have to teach at one school while others have to teach at two, three, or even four schools total! I have a total of three schools. For the second school, I am paid an extra $100USD, and for the third school I am paid an additional $50USD.

See! This is that South Korea Millionaire Ballers Club I was telling yall about!

Myth Debunked: Public School Teachers Can’t Make Extra Money Legally

There’s this myth running rampant that states if you work for Korean public schools there are no opportunities to make extra money legally. This is a myth. It is simply untrue. First of all, any hours worked outside of the normal 8-hour day is considered overtime, and you will be compensated at least the minimum hour rate of $20USD (could be more-it just depends). Some EPIK teachers get lucky and are asked to teach after school classes. In my case, I was asked to teach bi-monthly Saturday English workshops, and I was well compensated for it. Due to the fact that I was teaching on the weekends, my school offered to pay me more than the standard overtime rate. At $40/hour for four hours a day, twice a month…well you do the math! #ballin #itainttrickinifyougotit

In addition to that, there may be times when nearby schools ask you to help out with their English camps. As long as your school approves this, you are free to go make that money boo boo! Like they say “make that money, don’t let it make you!

That’s Not All Though! There’s More

Upon arrival, you are given a $300 “settlement allowance” and a flight reimbursement of $1,300 (this is a set amount and does not mean that you have to spend this much on your flight to SK or that you have to provide a receipt in order to receive this). This is all standard for all English teachers coming from outside of Korea.

Wait, Wait, Wait! 

We’re Still Not Done!Every month, a piece of your check will go into your pension account and your employer will match that contribution. This money will be returned to you in a lump sum after you complete your contract (this is true for Americans). This “lump sum” is around $2,000 after a one year contract. Americans are also able to save around $2,000 in Korean taxes, because we are tax exempt for the first two years! Here’s a bonus: as long as you remain out of the country for 331 days, any money you make under $90,000 is tax exempt! #Booyah Be out here like Trump! #teamnotaxes

Upon completion of your contract you also receive both a severance check that is equal to one month’s pay, and  an “exit allowance” of $1,300 to be used towards a flight home, and of course your last paycheck. This means that even if you blow 11 months worth of salary you can still leave Korea with well over $6,000 bucks! That does not mean go blow all that money!!!

So There You Have It Folks

I’ve given you a full income breakdown of the money you could potentially make teaching English in South Korea. Now, stop asking me and all the other EPIK teachers how much we make! I have a little saying, it goes:

“don’t worry about what’s going into my bank account unless I’m taking it out of yours!”

Hahahaha I’m just playing y’all. I was curious too! That’s why I wrote this article for all you nosey peeps! Much love PGs.

7 months ago