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Cedric Stout

My name is Cedric,  or as many would call me, 'Skycedi.' I'm an English teacher by day and YouTuber by night. My journey to Korea started well before my official arrival to the 'motherland' in February 2018. I grew up in the United States, having been raised by my Korean mother and African-American father. I've been very fortunate to have been able to grow up in a culturally-rich household, which always drove me to understand more about my parents' cultures. Having always imagined what it would be like living in Korea from a very young age, I knew that I would someday make it to my 'mother's land.' 


Fast forward decades later and I am planted in Daejeon, South Korea, immersing myself in Korean culture, building meaningful relationships, and of course, teaching English. I enjoy  telling the story of my life as it unfolds in a creative way and I'm happy to be able to do that through the platform of YouTube. My channel originally started with my journey through the EPIK application process in the summer of 2017 and has quickly evolved into a dive into Korean culture through vlogs, discussions, and everything else Korea related! 


My goal is to always add value in some way, shape, or form to anyone that I come across and I hope that you will gain something of value from my videos!